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These booklets are part of a series produced by the Local Rural Partnerships with communities in Aberdeenshire as an initiative supported by Aberdeenshire Council Community Planning Partnership. The aim is to provide Community Action Plans in an attractive, easy to read, professionally printed format. The development of a Community Action Plan (CAP) is through a process of engagement which is used to establish the needs and aspirations of local people to improve services and facilities in their own community. They have the potential to empower communities to take ownership of issues and take them forward. A Community Action Plan also enables communities to complement and inform the planning that statutory agencies undertake.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Gourdon CAP 2017 Final.pdf)Gourdon Community Action Plan November 2017Community Action Plan developed by the community of Gourdon with the support of KDP1567 kB
Download this file (Portlethen CAP 2019 e copy.pdf)Portlethen Community Action Plan 2019Community Action Plan developed by the Community of Portlethen with the support of KDP1798 kB

Every April KDP produce an Annual Report; copies of which can be downloaded below. Paper copies are available by contacting the KDP office at

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Annual Report Booklet 2016-17wb.pdf)KDP Annual Report 201617 908 kB
Download this file (Annual Report Booklet 2015-16.pdf)KDP Annual report 201516 518 kB
Download this file (KDP ANNUAL REPORT 2017 2018.pdf)KDP Annual Report 2017 2018Update on KDP Activities for the period of April 2017 to March 20185325 kB
Download this file (201819 Annual report booklet.pdf)KDP Annual report 2018 2019 3882 kB

KDP Trustees and staff meet ten times a year at our monthly board meetings. We do not usually hold board meetings in July and December. Minutes of these meetings are available below.

In order to strive to provide support to get the best possible outcomes for our communities, KDP have undertaken a number of initiatives to explore legislation and policy, engage and really hear what our communities are saying and to share and provide knowledge. Often these activities are in partnership with other agencies and partner organisations. We endeavour to produce feedback and deliver actions following on from these events. Papers and Reports are available below.

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