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KDP Community CashCould Your Group Use £300?

Kincardineshire Development Partnership have been offering local community groups the chance of up to £300 micro grant to support their group or project since 2016. With a difference… The community decides which group or project will receive the grant.

There have been many events held across Kincardine and Mearns where local community groups are invited to come along to give a five-minute talk about their goals, what they are trying to achieve and why they need to the grant to further their idea or project. One grant is awarded to the group voted for by the guests of the evening who are members of the local community. 

This exercise in real-time democracy has been a great opportunity for groups to raise an on the spot funds to support their group and the local community. In addition, it has proven to be an excellent way for groups and individual to learn about and make links with their communities, which has been a particular positive outcome of these events. 

If your group or organisation could use £300 look out for news of our next event on our News & Events page or in our weekly Bulletin.


 Community Action Plans

Community Action Plan booklets are part of a series produced by the Local Rural Partnerships for a number of communities in Aberdeenshire.  This initiative is sponsored by Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership and run by Aberdeenshire Local Rural Partnerships.   The aim is to provide  an attractive, easy to read, professionally printed document. Community Action Plans are developed by communities following a community engagement exercise or range of community engagement exercises.

Once collated, this information can guide the community and Community Planning Partners in drawing up detailed action plans to implement the top priorities as well as addressing the other issues which have been identified.  For each priority or issue this will involve agreeing who should be involved, what resources will be needed and target dates for completion.  It is important that this process will be driven by representatives of the community with support – moral, technical and financial – from KDP and our relevant Partners.

It is key that these booklets are seen by all concerned as an account of the community’s views at the time of the latest consultation, and that they will have to be regularly updated.  As some projects are completed, other issues will arise and take their place in future versions of the community plan.

If you feel your community is ready to undertake the development of a Community Action Plan, please contact the KDP Office and we will support you through the process.

It is recommended that these plans have a maximum life of five years

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